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  • Invasion Revealed: Healing Alcoholism, Mental Illness & Drug Addiction Invasion Revealed: Healing Alcoholism, Mental Illness & Drug Addiction
  • Heal Yourself Of Anything: Example Glaucoma Heal Yourself of Anything: Example Glaucoma

This book is so powerful. It was my introduction to overcoming mental illness, and it's not an understatement to say it's changed my life. I've read many books about self-development and Self-Care, but I think I can safely say that this one is the first I've read that has been decisively positive and has focused mostly on how to achieve the ideal life, as opposed to concentrating on what the sources of your problems in life are. Books that focus on defining problems are still necessary, and I've found them extremely helpful. Though I have to say that I believe a positive book like this one is the perfect next step once you have a better grasp of your triggers and insecurities to be able to view your life experiences more objectively. I'm a person who usually doesn't believe what I'm told unless I see the facts and/or I can make logical sense of it. I felt this book made a very persuasive case for why Self-Love is so important,and how it can benefit you and change your life. I am thoroughly convinced practicing Self-Love will exponentially improve my experience of life (it has so far), and I know that I will never return to the slightly darker place I was in before reading this book. RECOMMENDED.

This book resonated highy with me from the start, and it has helped me find a balance in my emotions and an acceptance of who I am. I've been through highs and lows in my life. I've gone from feeling terrible to having narcissistic tendencies and back again. This book has steered me to live a more relaxed and emotionally balanced life. A part of the book I found very compelling was how one can utilize Self-Love to support and encourage others and lead them to a better place emotionally, rather than bringing them down. Notice how other people feel, rather than how they appear to be. Be kind to other people who suffer, show them Love, and you shall receive Love. COMI is one of the best self-help books I've read so far. It contains very useful insight, personal experiences, and research to back it all up. The language of it is wonderful, making it effortless to comprehend, and I can definitely recommend this book to others. The strongest power we possess is Love, and because of that, we will overcome our suffering with Love. Don't try to evade it, because it's the aversion of it that ultimately hurts.

A solid and helpful book. Others that I've read have some worthwhile theories and shared practices, but no proof. I'm thinking of Tolle's Power of Now. Harris shares her thoughts as a professional spiritual teacher and then her personal journey in each chapter. This format was an excellent approach and is obviously the reason why so many people recommend this book. The affirmations in each chapter are a challenge. I often found myself wanting to read on, but one must practice what they've learned. I read the book on my e-book reader, but I really want a paperback copy to have with me and use over and over for inspiration along with those affirmations. I think the real power in this book is Harris' format, especially sharing her own experience after other important data. It goes to show that many of us suffering from mental issues forget we are human. Even the energy healer who wrote this book knows she isn't perfect. She works on Self-Love each day. This is the heart of the book. It's not an author or "spiritual teacher" talking down to you from the mountain This is a book by a human who wants to be better right along with the reader.

If that's true is hard to tell...probably you need to practice a lot. I think it can be used to get an idea about other mental realms than the common one.
But if there is even 10% true...then...I will let you decide....

Gheorghiu Alexandru Florin

Red, recommended this book to me.
The author's writing and life experiences were really captivating. Self-love returned light into her mind.

This is a really amazing book and I recommend this to all who are suffering from chaotic moments of their lives.

Angelica C.

When I first received the book I was disappointed because it was such a 'little book'...THEN!...I started reading it! It is one of the most encouraging, self-empowering books I have ever read. Every sentence is important.
Even though the book was centered around the healing of the author's son's glaucoma, it applies to all illnesses, all diseases, including emotional problems. I have believed for many years that we create our own reality, but there are times we slip and forget and fall into believing that that what has currently manifested in our lives is what is "real." Only the marvelous, loving field of energy is "real."...and it IS at our command, if we so choose to believe. The book should bve welcomed by people of all walks and faiths. It definately walks hand in hand with quantum physics!
This is a 'happy, positive book' and I am so thankful for having found it. Thank you, Nancy L Harris for sharing your story and experience with the world.

Betty A. Wilson

One of the most informative and life changing books I've ever read. Everything is to the point and easy to follow. Having been diagnosed with Glaucoma myself. I've come to realize, I allowed myself to feel as if I'm being pressured by my job and others. I've tested Nancy's suggestions, and have noticed a great difference in the pressure of my eyes. So yes..It works!

Mister Rory Demeo

If you're tired of glaucoma and are open-minded, you WILL find a spiritual answer to healing that works in HEAL YOURSELF OF ANYTHING. Anyone who expects this book to describe a medical approach to healing glaucoma will not find it anywhere because the medical approach does not heal glaucoma. This book is about changing your own attitudes to change your health. Mary Harris explains that the attitude of excessive pressure in your life causes glaucoma in your eyes. By reversing your attitudes and finding solutions for the biggest problems in your life, you can reverse the pressure in your eyes and heal yourself or your children of glaucoma. A close-minded person would not understand this book, but I would highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about getting rid of glaucoma and willing to change their negative attitudes about their biggest problems to accomplish their healing. This requires an open-minded person who is willing to change their thoughts to change their health. Nancy Harris Jones, author of INVADERS FROM INNER SPACE, BBCS Publishing

Nancy L. Jones